If the buyer/client request for a price cut say 50% of the outstanding debt, what will happen if I accept the offer?

    If the price cut is mutually agreed by you and the buyer/client after shipment, the amount of loss liable by the HKECIC will be based on the newly agreed price.

    If the price cut is not agreed by you, and the buyer still admits its payment obligation but is unable to pay, you can lodge claim with the HKECIC. Any claim made will be subject to the fulfillment of the policy terms and conditions.

    Yet, in the scenario that the buyer disputes its payment obligation and refuses to pay, the policyholder would need to take action, including but not limited to institution of legal proceeding, to resolve the disputes raised by the buyer over its payment obligation according to the terms and conditions under the Policy before the HKECIC can proceed to process the claim application.